Mobile Art Boxes at Florence Night Out 2022

Florence Night Out’s unique Mobile Art Boxes (MABs) allow you to be immersed in full-scale art installations right on the streets of Florence! Read on to learn more about the four wonderful installations heading to the festival on September 24th!


Kelly Clare is a multidisciplinary artist and poet based in Western, MA. She recently received her MFA in Sculpture from the University of Iowa. She has exhibited internationally and her literary work appears and is forthcoming in FENCE, New Delta Review, Prelude, Second Factory, and Tagvverk.

Her piece, “SURELY”, aims to bridge digital space and materiality. She the photo above for a sneak peek of Clare’s artistic style.

MAB Location: 100 Main St.


Sarah Stefana Smith is an artist-scholar working in sculpture, installation and textile based sculpture. Smith uses barrier materials- deer, bird, and safety netting, chicken wire and fishing line- to comment on boundaries between human and species and lines of demarcation around difference.

Her MAB, “draws on the anti-slavery and abolitionist work of Sojourner Truth, [and] repurposes the carte-de-visite, small photographic portraits of their likeness, that Truth used to circulate her message and fund her work”.

MAB Location: Brick Mill Square @ 40 Main Street

Tori Lawrence’s “Analog Dance Films”

Tori Lawrence is a choreographer and dance filmmaker who creates site-specific performances and installations. Her environmentally-based work inspires an imaginative and sustainable way of looking at, thinking about, and using space. She’ll be choreographing a new site-based performance installation with her collaborators in Norway in 2022-23 while at artist residencies Lademoen Kunstnerverksteder (Trondheim) and USF Verftet (Bergen).

Her Mobile Art Box will feature a super 8mm & 16mm dance film installation with three short films on loop.

MAB Location: North Maple Street


Lin is a Taiwan-born interdisciplinary artist-researcher, writer/poet and educator working for climate justice with culturally-responsive contemplative arts. As a de/colonizing artist and ceremonial activist, she is dedicated to reclaiming ancestral traditions. Lin is a faculty member in the MFA in Interdisciplinary Arts program at Goddard College and a PhD candidate in the Environmental Studies program at Antioch University New England.

“Limulus Love” is a multi-media installation dedicated to the beloved Atlantic Horseshoe Crab with video projections of horseshoe crabs dancing and making drawings in the sand; and origami horseshoe crabs hanging in the space.

MAB Location: 18 Meadow St