Art & Film Installations at Florence Night Out 2022

Beyond our Mobile Art Boxes, Florence Night Out is lucky to have support and the opportunity to showcase a variety of local artists who specialize in a myriad of mediums! Read on to learn about what art installations will be featured at this year’s event!


Barbara works as a painter, and as a colorist and art educator. Her paintings evoke a presence – the observer / painter coming upon a pool of water in a garden or forest, in a state of suspension. She is interested in the pool as a subjective inner space, revealing a transient state of mind and heart, arrived at through painting.

Neulinger will be bringing an exhibit of recent paintings to Florence Night Out!

Location @ FNO: The Peacock Room @ Bombyx Center for Arts & Equity


Gabriel Phipps is a Boston-born artist, curator and art educator. He received his BFA in painting from Massachusetts College of Art in 1997 and his MFA in painting from Boston University in 2000. He has shown extensively throughout the United States, with multiple exhibits at the Howard Scott Gallery in New York City, the John Davis Gallery in Hudson, New York as well as the Geoffrey Young Gallery in Great Barrington, Massachusetts. His paintings have been profiled in Art in America, New American Paintings and Painters’ Table. He has over fifteen years of college level teaching experience, having taught at Massachusetts College of Art and Design, Indiana University Bloomington and most recently Amherst College.

Location @ FNO: 30 North Maple Street


Martin Bridge is an artist & educator who has lived in the Valley for 21 years. He is the Head of the Visual Art & Technical Theater program at Pioneer Valley Performing Arts. He is passionate about Permaculture Design and Mycology and is excited to be celebrating Pivot Media’s new Solar Array through this piece!

Local artists Carl Bridge, Rosa Beryl, and Kaitlyn Cronin will be contributing to completing this project.

Location @ FNO: Pivot Media Building


Jim Gipe is a photographer, digital imaging consultant, and owner of Pivot Media. Included in his Florence Night Out exhibit are color explorations created by overlapping simple geometric shapes and manipulating the way they digitally blend. The resulting color combinations invite viewers to get lost in lucid moments as they move from piece to piece.

Location @ FNO: Pivot Media


An immersive meditation on the passage of time and the persistent resonance of place, Linefork follows the daily rituals of an elderly couple living in Kentucky’s Appalachian Mountains. Now well into his eighties, Lee Sexton is the last living link to the distant past of a regional American music. A retired coal miner with black lung, Lee and his wife, Opal, continue to farm the land where he was born. Together they face encroaching health concerns and stark economic realities. Recorded over three years, Linefork is an observational film documenting their marriage, their community, their resilience, and the raw yet delicate music of an unheralded banjo legend, linked to the past yet immediately present.

Location @ FNO: Bombyx Center for Arts & Equity with two showings at 4:00pm & 5:45pm