Kathryn Fanelli // Dragon and Tiger

Welcome to Mobile Art Box #4, “Dragon and Tiger” by Kathryn Fanelli! ✨

Kathryn Fanelli is a multi disciplinary artist, specializing in sculpture, painting, electric light, drawing and sound. Influenced by her life in the family traveling carnival, she reimagines the material constituents of the “Amusement Midway” through the lens of Buddhist philosophy in the contexts of human conflict, spirituality, and the absurd.

“Dragon and Tiger” will showcase a larger-than-life animal sculpture that highlights the paradox between two carousel menagerie animals.

At FNO 2021, you can find Kathryn’s MAB at 30 North Maple Street! For more information about Kathryn and her work, visit www.kfanelli.com or follow her on Instagram and Facebook, @kat_fanelli

This MAB is made possible through generous support from DIY Mobile Box and Finck & Perras Insurance.