Ligia Bouton // We All Fall Down

We invite you to Mobile Art Box #2, “We All Fall Down” by Ligia Bouton.

Ligia is a Sao Paulo-born artist whose creative work combines sculpture and drawing with performance, digital video, and photography to recreate appropriated narratives. At FNO 2021, Ligia will be sharing a video installation that aims to explore the narrative of the 1949 western film, “Sand”, by positioning it in relation to our on-going ideas around American national identity and unified cultural heritage.

“We All Fall Down” hopes to provoke a dialogue around these cultural narratives of the 40s and 50s, while highlighting the extreme forms of fiction we employ to uphold idealized national identities.

You can experience “We All Fall Down” at this year’s festival in Brick Mill Square! For more information about Ligia Bouton and her work, visit her website at or follow her on Instagram @ligiabouton

This MAB installation is made possible through generous support from DIY Mobile Box and Streetlight Financial.