Main St. March w/ the Expandable Brass Band!

Loud, raucous, and full of fun, the Expandable Brass Band is headed to FNO 2021!

Inspired by the international street band movement, the Expandable Brass Band wants to spread the joy of playing in the street both for the fun of it and in support of others working on important social issues, especially in our community. They are most excited about playing in streets, in parks, parades, on the sidewalk, and anywhere the audience is close and at our level. The Expandable Brass Band says, “If we march, they can join us; if they march, we can join them!”

You’ll be able to catch the Band around Main St. from 5:30-6:30pm.

Then we invite you to jump in and join the Expandable Brass Band and parade to Florence Congregational Church where a film screening kicks off at 7pm! For more information about the band, check them out on Facebook ✨