Linda Aubry // Souvenirs from the Realm of Happiness

Mobile Art Boxes (MABs) are a staple at Florence Night Out, so we are thrilled to highlight 1 the 4 awesome, creative MABs headed to FNO 2021!

Linda Aubry’s “Souvenirs from the Realm of Happiness” invites you to experience a collection of souvenirs evoking memories, wishes, or a favorite recurring dream. Centered around Linda’s Visual Confections—highly ornamented sculptures made from vintage, new, and found objects—the installation creates a multi-sensory environment of tranquility and happiness.

Come experience serenity and self-reflection through Linda’s MAB, located in Brick Mill Square at the festival! Visit their website at or follow for more information!

MABs are made possible through the generous support of DIY Mobile Box.