Variety in Art

Florence Night Out brings a wide variety of art — we will be featuring a portable museum by artist Emily Tarelia, the Attack Bear Press Poetry Vending Machine, performances by the TheaterTruck, & readings by the Pie Bar Poets!

At 89 Main Street, you can catch Emily Tarelia’s portable museum, Fielding. Emily Tareila is an artist, facilitator, and educator living in Goshen whose work engages all senses. She cares a lot about a lot. Check out her website, find her on Instagram @emilytareila, or follow her Facebook! She was interested in joining Florence Night Out because she enjoys “sharing work with people of all ages, especially in a celebratory context.”

The Attack Bear Press Poetry Vending Machine will be at 56 Main Street. The Poetry Vending Machine Project by Attack Bear Press is a free-standing old fashioned vending machine stocked with local and not-so-local short poetry. For 50 cents anyone with a pair of quarters in their pocket can buy a single serving of literary art. Want to join the Poetry Vending Machine authors? A typewriter will be set up for spontaneous submissions curated by the Attack Bear Press team! Alex Woolner is a poet, international educator, and typewriter enthusiast originally from Worcester County, MA. In 2016 Alex co-founded Attack Bear Press with Jason R. Montgomery, and deeply enjoys organizing typewriter drop-ins and type-ins where she gets her typewriter nerd on with an unsuspecting public. When not writing or reading poetry, she can be found convincing brave youth to spend a good chunk of their academic careers abroad, lurking in the Sergio Aragones section of comic book shops, and gently annoying her cat. Alex received her B.A. in English from Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts in 2007, and her M.A. in International Education from SIT Graduate Institute in 2014. Contact Alex for all of your typewriter needs or interests! Visit the Attack Bear Press website, Instagram, or Facebook! Alex is enthusiastic about being a part of FNO: “I love community events like these, they make the Pioneer Valley a lovely place to live and inspire creativity. Attack Bear Press thrives at these sorts of events, and I think the Poetry Vending Machine will be a great addition!”

Look out for TheaterTruck site-specific performances from 6:30-7:30pm at 4 Depot Ave! In 2017, in Leeds MA, TheatreTruck premiered The Mill Project, an original play exploring women’s bodies in labor and resistance in the age of industrialization. The Mill Project deconstructs the historical record, remembering & embodying women’s experience of labor in the textile mills of nineteenth century New England through a performance-collage drawing on letters, newspapers, pamphlets and etiquette books. Woven in a tapestry of primary source text with original music and movement, the play puts the mill girls of factory towns like Leeds and Lowell into relationship with the experience of American women today. On June 1, 2019, TheatreTruck will present The Mill Project: Notions, moments & music from the production, along with new text in celebration of 200 years since Suffrage. Learn about The Mill Project here! A roving collaborative, TheatreTruck was founded on principles of sustainable practice, curiosity and community building. We are inspired by the idea of the town common: a place for shared experience & ideas; and by the pageant wagons of history that carried entertainment to the people for ritual celebration. We choose to work in found spaces because it saves resources, illuminates places and reimagines the ordinary. We are committed to making work that sings the unsung and reveals the hidden. Led in part by Co-Artist Directors Brianna Sloane & Elizabeth Pangburn, TheatreTruck is mother-owned and woman-powered.

Lastly, be sure to catch four local poets — the Pie Bar Poets — at Florence Pie Bar (17 Main Street) from 6-7pm! For more than two years now, this group has been responding to the Rattle ekphrastic challenge, exchanging drafts, and celebrating their successes, always at the Florence Pie Bar! The journal Rattle posts a piece of visual art on its website every month and invites poets to write in response to it. The journal editor and the artist each pick one winner. Jen won on her first try! Here’s her poem and the artwork on which it was based. Rosetta Cohen is a professor of Education at Smith and the author of two prize-winning chapbooks of poetry. Twice named to Best New Poets (2014 & 2016), Jen Jabaily-Blackburn lives in Easthampton and works by day as the Administrative Assistant for the Poetry Center at Smith College. Michele Wick is a lecturer in psychology at Smith. Professor of English Floyd Cheung recovers lost and forgotten early Asian American literature and writes poetry.