BIBIANA medkova // Cultural Artifacts x REMIX

“My research works at the intersection of science, art and political systems. My work examines American and Czech democratic and anti-democratic movements and points to the fragility of democratic structures. Through the use of a variety of scientific and artistic techniques my research cross-examines national and local cultural symbols and interrogates how these signifiers are traded trans-globally and across milieu. Positioning these histories in a global perspective repeals our perception of cultural symbols as fixed and finite. My work systematically questions the creation and construction of national identity and how this is reflected in everyday commodities and productions in the cultural sphere. ‘Cultural Artifacts x REMIX’ will reposition the height of American economic and political prosperity, the 1950s, as evidenced in Fred Astaire and Hollywood production, and remix it with cultural artifacts from the Cold War era Soviet sphere of influence and its post-war militarization.”

BIBIANA is a cross-disciplinary artist who uses installation and new media to interrogate ideas of democracy and globalization. Their work has been shown at Benaki Museum, Athens Greece (2015) and the Satellite Art Show, Miami FL (2016 & 2017); their work has been included in projects that have been exhibited at the Whitney Museum of American Art, New York NY (2017), MoMA PS1, Queens NY (2015) and Petzel Gallery, New York NY (2017) and has been reviewed in the Hyperallergic, ArtFCity and Feature Shoot. Bibiana is an MFA candidate at University of Massachusetts – Amherst, founder of Pickled Press and co-editor of Fotofobia. Find BIBIANA at their website, on Instagram @bibianaartist, or on Facebook.

On why they were interested in Florence Night Out, BIBIANA said “I am looking forward to testing this work on a general audience, rather than ‘art audience’.” We cannot wait to see their work on June 1!

The photos in this article are stills from a previous work, “Fred Astaire REMIX” 2019, 4K video.